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Childhood, its learning of tastes and scents make each memory a sensory journey. My childhood was bathed in the scents of the Mediterranean. The freshness of its crystal blue water, its salty taste, its fine golden sand and the floral scents of my native region, the tunisian "Cap Bon".


Spring worked its magic each year by harvesting the sweetest of flowers, the bitter orange blossom.  I remember the sheets and nets laid delicately under the trees, the sound of ladders slamming as they are unfurled under the falling foliage and weighed down by blooming flowers. The harvest lasted a few weeks and took place in the front yard of my grandmother's house. The way home from school became an olfactory journey in itself. As soon as I arrived, I got rid of my schoolbag and went playing under the trees, picking up flowers while listening to the working women singing traditional songs. This was followed by the distillation in the still, which took place in the traditional “laundry room”. The drops of orange blossom water fell one by one into the “Féchka”, a kind of precious glass amphora with a rounded bottom to receive a good quantity of perfume. An annual family production that would accompany us until the next harvest and perfume our kitchens, our bedrooms and even our laundry.

A few weeks later, awoke the most sumptuous of flowers, the Rose Centifolia. Elegant, sensual and delicate, its harvest and distillation exhaled an equally captivating fragrance.

As for autumn, it had another charm, an equally magical memory: the olive harvest. The olive trees bordering our house are adorned with their most beautiful green costume. I can still see the women doing the hand picking, humming and spreading around them joy and communicative laughter. I remember when I accompanied my father to the distillery and watched the distillation of the olives. Their ebony black color being transformed into a brilliant gold color, and it was at this delicious moment that I dipped my finger to taste our oilive oil. These moments engraved in my memory that I wish reliving through this project.

The bostèn soap is designed like a flower bouquet. On a base of extra virgin and organic olive oil are grafted delicate floral scents, all to compose a pure and elegant soap. A slight olfactory note emerges from the soap as it is used. Its 100% natural formula provides delicate and gentle care that invites you to travel to the Mediterranean.

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