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My name is Dorra,  I am the creator of the bostèn brand and this is how it all started...

bostèn or "Garden of Eden" in Arabic is the name of our family home. A house whose garden alone is a real olfactory journey through the diversity of its greenery. This adventure began by re-immersing myself into my childhood memories, with the search for these lost floral scents and a need to return to the natural and adopt a responsible consumption. After finishing my studies in a scientific branch, I worked for 4 years in a perfumery trading company and I managed, among other things, the import of essential oils from Tunisia. This job opened my eyes to the incredible richness of my home country which helped me grow up and then leave it to live in the effervescence of my Parisian life. I then decided to go back to basics and honor the memory of my grandmother who made her own soap using the cold saponification technique and who home-distilled her own floral waters.

The bostèn soap is made by a cooperative of women who keep all the ancestral know-how combined with this beauty and magnificence of the artisanal gesture. This project is based on an ethical and responsible approach to our current consumption.   

By returning to simple gestures, natural and ecological cosmetics, we are improving the world of today and tomorrow.  

Our product is 100% natural, free from preservatives, fragrance and artificial colourings. It is made with extra virgin olive oil and floral hydrosols. The hydrolate brings a light scented note which delicately envelops the soap. The choice of our packaging is also made  for recycled and/or recyclable kraft. Our accessories follow the same approach. Our entire eco-responsible approach aims to improve our consumption habits and adopt a more respectful attitude towards nature and health.  

To know a little more about the history of the genesis of bostèn, click here 

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