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In addition to promoting Tunisian know-how and craftsmanship, bostèn supports access to art and culture. We pay a part of our profits to the fund of IN'ART association.


In'Art is an independent cultural structure encouraging artists of all stripes to share their art (painting, sculpture, reading, cinema, crafts of all kinds).  This association is located in the heart of the old town of Hammamet. It keeps the material & immaterial memory of the medina and the living Tunisian heritage. By organizing group exhibitions and cultural events, In'Art allows all curious people to attend and/or participate to the workshops.

Several activities are offered to children in order to introduce them, from an early age, to the meaning of cultural, ecological and environmental commitment.  🌱

In'Art encourages young artists to exhibit their art and make it a breeding ground for talent and a meeting place for young musicians, poets, designers, photographers, videographers  … etc


You can follow their news by subscribing to their Facebook page ! Tap on the photos ;-) 

© Pictures In'art Hammamet

🔖 Some history facts : In'Art is located in "Dar Sidi Abdallah", which was the last home of saint "Sidi Abdallah", protector of fishermen. The calm and welcoming architecture of this place invites us to daydream and travel through time, whether through its masonry benches or its multiple vaults and domes that attest to its magnificence.


In'Art organization (as the etymology of the word 'inara' إنارة in Arabic) illuminates the ramparts of the old town of Hammamet with its various cultural events. It helps revitalizing the "Zaouia" (traditional mausoleum) of Dar Sidi Abdallah by converting it into a gallery with wide open doors, allowing the inhabitants of the medina to reconnect with the memory of their neighborhood. In'Art has been able to highlight its social and heritage concerns, its sense of commitment and its associative spirit.

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