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You will crack  for our little fish-shaped loofah. This natural vegetable sponge will exfoliate your skin and activate your microcirculation.

Rub your soap on the wet sponge, gently lather then clean your skin.


We adopt the loofah because it is:

  • compostable
  • biodegradable
  • zero waste

Once worn, hop to the compost! Our loofah is Planet Friendly 🌍


Luffa is a natural dried gourd.  It is a plant of the Cucurbitaceae family that grows in North Africa. Ours comes directly from the garden of our craftswoman in the region of Cap-Bon Tunisien.


Little tip: It can also be used as a soap dish!

Indeed, in addition to the quality of its fibers, the loofah has the particularity of absorbing a lot of water (up to 20 times its weight) and thus prevents your soap from melting quickly.  

100% Natural Loofah

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