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To accompany our soaps, we have chosen for you small cotton foutas in the perfect format to wipe the face and  hands. You will love their fabric  airy, soft, supple and absorbent. 


  • Size 36  x30  cm

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Handcrafted with finishing  handmade bangs 

  • Made in a workshop  family in Mahdia in Tunisia where the weaving of foutas is an art that is transmitted from generation to generation   

For the record: The Fouta designates a woven loincloth that is tied around your waist to go to the hammam mainly in North Africa. The term fouta is found in the travel stories of Ibn Batouta (great explorer and traveler of Berber origin). He would have mentioned it when describing the outfits worn by the Indians.

Mini Fouta 100% cotton

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